Quick Start Challenge! Come with me on a journey!

My first ever “blog” post!  This is exciting.  Inspired, prompted, prodded by the team at Quick Start Challenge, this is stretching me beyond my “coulda”, “shoulda” in-activity and the non-challenging “comfort zone” of wishing and hoping and – yes – going nowhere.  Let the roller coaster ride begin.  I’ve had this goal/dream for years and now it is a reality – thank you.

I love writing, many times indulging in flights of fancy and deep thoughts, inviting others to join me.  This is no exception.  It is most definitely a flight -potentially soaring beyond the mundane.  As I learn more  and discover the immense potential of this learning experience, I trust this will not be a “fancy”.  My intent is to embark on a sustaining business which will support me and those who follow the blog and their own personal life exploration alongside mine.


10 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge! Come with me on a journey!

  1. Hi Linda,
    Congrats for you first ever post.

    Ive been working online for more than 10 years. Ive commented much among the QSC students and saw many blogs while doing that task. And saw you had created a subdomain wordpress site. That is not very good cause its something you dont own really Could go down for any given reason with no chance to make any claim.

    If you are willing to have your own domain name (11 bucks per year) hosted for free for one year, (that would be a treat for you) let me know.

    Only if you are willing to pay me just some $$$ I could get a premium wordpress theme ( I can suggest one or you can choose from here teslathemes. com), install and create the site as the one you have now, even upload the comments…

    No stress if you are fine and happy with the one you have now!



    • Thank you Teo – actually working on getting my own website operational – been in the works for a long time – my procrastination, no one else’s so maybe I can transfer the blog to that – we’ll see. Thank you for “commenting” – now I need to look at last night’s training to learn about the “signature” stuff 🙂


    • That may be Mike but according to this week’s challenge – the first “hard part” was easier than the second!! A video!? I don’t even know if I can do a video on my Mac 🙂


  2. Great post. Im like you i like to write and let my creative side out from time to time. the challenge is really helping me too, im doing things i would do without it and it is a growing exoperience but we should all remember… progress, not perfection. keep up the good work

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    • Love the name of your website and the topic Scott. One phrase I always appreciated was “There’s done and there’s perfect meaning we could go on forever trying to make it “perfect” but the operative word is “done”. I feel another “post” coming on 🙂


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