Subtle lessons along the way

Loving this Quick Start Challenge more than I can say on so many different levels!  First and foremost it’s making me take action!!  

I’ve heard it said that “We teach what we most need to learn”.  In my video I remarked on how the second week challenge made me “walk my talk”.  It just dawned on me how much more meaning there was to that than I first realized.  “Walk my talk” what does that mean? Well, here I am telling myself that my intent is to “inspire people” to sing their song or express the music inside them.  Connect that with “We teach what we most need to learn”?  Ergo – How can  teach people to follow their music if I don’t take the appropriate action myself?

I’m a great believer in owning what I say.  By that I mean, first I have to be aware of the difference between setting an example and “do what I say not what I do”.  I see now that my comfort zone lay in “thinking” about doing what I said I wanted to do.  The more time I spent thinking about it the less I did.  Comfort lay in never having to challenge myself, comfort lay in not taking the risk of failing or of people not hearing what I felt my message was.

One of those “duh” moments – if I never put it out there who knows if people will hear it?  If I never put it out there, I can’t be seen to fail but … maybe there are people out there who just might be encouraged to reconnect with what makes them feel more alive.  Is my fear of failure more significant, or carry more meaning, than reaching even one person? If I believe that then I’m whistling in the wind.

In my video I quoted:  “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience and Other Essays: Collected Essays of Henry David Thoreau

do sincerely desire to connect with people and see them successful.  “No man can fail if some ONE sees him successful.“, is another one I love.  Sorry – I could’t find who said that but it is significant.  It reflects the amazingly supportive community demonstrated in the Quick Start Challenge group.  While there is some validity in the observation that the internet and social media reduces the personal, human interaction/dialogue between people, I also see that this group alone is creating dialogue amongst people all over the world and connecting us in ways hitherto impossible.

We are not alone, there are more of us with shared visions, ideals and philosophies than we ever knew.

I’m relishing this journey!


5 thoughts on “Subtle lessons along the way

    • You’re right Igor – i think that is what inspired me to reach out to people to catch their attention before “it’s too late and they wonder how they got where they are or say to themselves “Is that it” “Is that all there is to my life?”


  1. Hey Linda,
    i love your video and i happy that i participate in the Quick Start Challenge… they make me do what i procrastinated all the years… i don´t know exactly what did hold me back… maybe i was just confused and wanted to do everything perfect…

    I m looking forward to read, hear and see more from you 🙂


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