Quick Start Challenge! Come with me on a journey!

My first ever “blog” post!  This is exciting.  Inspired, prompted, prodded by the team at Quick Start Challenge, this is stretching me beyond my “coulda”, “shoulda” in-activity and the non-challenging “comfort zone” of wishing and hoping and – yes – going nowhere.  Let the roller coaster ride begin.  I’ve had this goal/dream for years and now it is a reality – thank you.

I love writing, many times indulging in flights of fancy and deep thoughts, inviting others to join me.  This is no exception.  It is most definitely a flight -potentially soaring beyond the mundane.  As I learn more  and discover the immense potential of this learning experience, I trust this will not be a “fancy”.  My intent is to embark on a sustaining business which will support me and those who follow the blog and their own personal life exploration alongside mine.