Thundering Waters - Paradise Proposal is more 
than it appears.  
This whole proposed development serves as a 
wake up call to ALL at all levels.

People are being presented with an "illusion 
of growth"- but people are also being asked 
to decide what they are willing to sacrifice 
at the expense of that growth.  

Are more condos, more houses, more shops, 
more hotels, more tourist attractions worth 
more than an ecosystem that has taken 
hundreds of years to grow; worth more than 
the endangered species that live there; 
worth more than what remains of the forests 
unique to this region?

What is the promise of growth really worth?

Regardless of the identity of the developer, 
is it worth sacrificing all of what is 
precious so that some individual may extend 
their avarice and greed to possess, destroy 
what Nature has nurtured?  

Does any one individual have the right to do 

Will an additional 10,000 people who may 
inhabit that precious land in the future 
compensate for the permanent destruction 
of land which is truly priceless?

Do we accept the illusion or do we say 
"Enough is enough"?

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